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    • 34.90

      Stain 877 Line – 1L

      Series of ready-to-use solvent-based wood stains in trendy shades, with excellent light fastness, no lifting of the jar and hair, deep penetration of the wood, resulting in a rustic effect (slow-to-grip stain for self-staining with brush). Performance: 5-10 m2 / 1L Destiny: Staining all wood...

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    • 24.90

      PATTEX Total Extreme Fix – mounting glue 440g

      Dedicated assembly adhesive for our panels. PERFORMANCE: 1 cartouche at 10p panels 30x30cm, or 5 pieces of 60×30 panels. Extremely fast adhesion even after 1sekundzie. & Nbsp; &...

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    • 19.90

      NWP – Wood preservative oil 500ml

      Natural linseed oil, cold pressed, without additives – ideal for wood impregnation! Beautifully enhanced wood texture, after drying remains matt, after a few days polymerized to provide very good protection of wood against damp and...

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