22Interior design requires both a concern for harmony matched materials and their high quality. Using wood, is worth looking at different ways of its use. They attract attention especially walls covered it partially or in its entirety.

NaturalWoodPanels, made with the proper raw materials and harmoniously integrated into the arrangement of the room, they can become a real decoration of interior and give them a unique character. Very much depends on skilful select the ratio of the elements of which they are made, how they connect and orientation and protective measures extracting depth of texture and grain of the material.

Each of our product that we propose will be in the form of raw or dyed. According to our most environmentally friendly and sustainable way of preserving wood is the use of linseed oil. This oil gives a semi-gloss coating, while the effect of the oil we use semi-gloss FAXE Danish company – the leader of the preservation of wood inside. For each set will be enclosed assembly instructions.

We guarantee that the installation of the panel in one piece 50X50 cm format, it will take longer as 5-6min. The specified format is not the rule and standard. We can make any given dimension. The assembly has several forms, and addiction is the destination, mold exposure and application capabilities at a given location.

One of them is the ordinary suspension strips zakosowych, and the next installation permanently. Both forms are very simple, where an independent way, everyone can cope with mounting anywhere.

Each of the formats ordered execute a precise size, also taking into account slant, and even łuków- thanks to the possibilities offered us a CNC milling machine.